Why your Business Needs a website

Why A Business Needs A Website

There has been a lot of talks on and offline on why a Business needs a website, considering my few years of experience in business

 I have come to realize that a whole lot of people mistaken Business for Brands. These two are different.

A lot of entrepreneur own a business but not a brand. For example, Coca Cola (The most popular drink in the whole world)

has transcend beyond an ordinary business to become a brand the whole world can reckon with.

Before I dive into why a business needs a website, I need to make the difference between these two closely related words (Business and Brand) clear.

 Business is selling or offering a products or services in any form. Whether onsite or Remotely. And at the end of the day, you make profit.

While Brand on the other hand is a recognizable feature that identify your business as distinct from other businesses.

When your business becomes a brand its standout from others. We will talk more on this in my upcoming posts.

Let’s get started on why a business needs a website.


An online presence for your Brand will give your clients an assurance of authenticity of your business,

A whole lot of fake brands are parading themselves all over and customers are always been careful of who to patronize.

 A website gives your business credibility.


As you can observe that the world itself is becoming a global village and businesses are already going digital.

Getting a website for your business will push your business into the global world. As we speak billions of people search the internet for information.

Popular Brands like Nairaland won’t have been known if they don’t have a website.

Why A Business Needs A Website


: The internet is the place where you could put your business in the front of millions of potential clients.

 Thousand of people are searching for what you are selling or the services you are offering on the internet.

Don’t you think it will be wise for you to put your business across to people who really need them both in or out of your locality.

Most persons could have achieved more in Life, But they had DOUBT in Mind


A website for a business is an integral part of marketing. Think of marketing as a FUNNEL, where you bring people in through the opening

 at the top and divert them into another end where they get to know more about what you are advertising to them.

Imagine you don’t have the “end” where you bring your leads to. You will be losing potential client.

Branding Process:

I said at the beginning of this write up that it is expedient for your business to become a brand.

And in the process, it is important to get an online presence because these are one of the things that will

give your business a global recognition and it makes it standout from other Brands.

As it is known that ROME wasn’t built in a Day, so is a Brand, it requires a whole lot of Hard work in the process.

 But it really worth it in the End. In all, hope you have been able to know why a business needs a website.

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