Are you Thinking of How to make a sustainable Income in 2021??

The year 2020 is almost going to an end and as the year has been, a lot of people lost their jobs or Businesses due to the outbreak of Covid’19

 and this has left countless people in the situation where they have to find alternative means to survive.

With my little knowledge in the Business World, I have made a compilation of 5 Businesses that anyone can add as a side hustle to make a sustainable income in 2021. Let’s Go:

Sustainable Income in 2021


The internet is a new wave that the 21st century generation is lending into; we have over a 100 million daily internet users daily across the universe.

With this the demand for data to access the internet has increased tremendously, you can harness this

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In Making a sustainable income in 2021, You have to know that one must be Technologically Inclined.

There are individuals who make over 50k per Month Managing Social Media accounts for Brands and Big Industries.

Making cool cash every month by just undertaking simple task like creating social media presence for Brands,

Engaging Certain Audience with Posts, Uploading Pictures and Replying to Messages.

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For the Newbies in this aspect, FOREX simply means FOREIGN EXCHANGE: a platform where you trade digital assets.

Its another way to creating a sustainable income stream in 2021. This has made a whole lot of Traders around the world Billionaires

But you have to understand that it’s a WIN/LOSE endeavor, so it Demand a lot of Knowledge before Engaging in it.


This in simple terms simply means promoting other people’s product for a commission, it just as simple as that.

 You can promote any product of your choice with either paid Ads on social media or sharing the product with your contact or friends.

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As I have stated earlier in the course of this Write-Up that the world is gradually becoming a Digital Village.

And in the bid to follow up trends and not be obsolete in the digital world, you have to learn at least one digital skill to enjoy loads of Benefit it has.

There are a lot of Digital Skills in vogue ranging from Website Design, Graphics Design, Mobile Application Development etc.

with some of this knowledge you can definitely make a sustainable Income in 2021.

You need to start making money from your BRAND

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