Are you curious to know the best WordPress page builder?

With the increase in the use of WordPress to build a website worldwide, different individuals or Agency

has come up with different page builders to make the building of a website very easy for anyone willing to venture into it.

This in turn has given rise to a lot of WordPress users all around the world, getting an outstanding design

on your website depend solely on how creative you can be with the use of tools available at your disposal.

However, the page builder in use is also a major determinant of how nice your designs come out with a list of creative tools available on their software.

In the programming world today, are the countless list of page builders but WPBAKERY AND ELEMENTOR have proven to be the best when discussing the best WordPress page builder.

The different designer has their perspective towards which and which is the best, but this write-up is based on available tools, Usefulness and End Designs.


Both Elementor and wp bakery have countless tools for design, it all depends on how the designer handles the tools creatively.

wp bakery has all tools available though there are addons that could be downloaded

to achieve different aims. Elementor has some tools for FREE and some premium tools.

The free version has limited tools for designs, to get access to some amazing features you might need to purchase the ELEMENTOR PRO.

best WordPress page builder

Usefulness (How easy is it to use the tools):

Both page builders’ tools are very easy to use and can be used to create stunning designs. Though there are tools peculiar to each page builder.

End Design:

wp bakery has both Frontend and Backend design features available for designers which makes it possible for

you to choose the most convenient one for you.

On the other hand, Elementor has only frontend design features available.

Using any page builder to make an amazing design solely depends on how creative you are with

manipulating the available tools to get the desired results.

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